Episode: This is the second in a multi-part series on Egypt and the Bible. Mark and Chris discuss Israel in Egypt, evidence of Egyptian influences in ...View Details

Episode: For part 1 see here. In this episode, we (Chris and Kyle) get into the biblical and geographical details connected with locating Sodom and th...View Details

Episode: This is the first in a multi-part series on Egypt and the Bible. Mark and Chris discuss the visits of the Hebrew patriarchs in Egypt. They fo...View Details

Episode: In this episode - several of the co-hosts (Oliver Hersey, Mark Janzen, Kyle Keimer, and Chris McKinny) discuss the recent announcement of th...View Details

Episode: In episode 2 of the series “Geography of Judges,” Chris and Kyle talk about “Giants in Judges” in connection with the giants of Hebron mentio...View Details

Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Clinton Bailey about how he ended up living with Bedouins in the Negev, their law, gender practices, and poetry. His m...View Details

Episode: Lynn Cohick speaks with Jason Staples about concepts of Israel that emerged in the Second Temple period, and their implications for understan...View Details

Episode: Co-hosts Chris McKinny and Mary Buck discuss the discovery of the Lachish Letters (or Lachish Ostraca), and work through several example text...View Details

Episode: A recent report - published in the very prestigious journal Nature - argued that the site of Tall al-Hammam and other sites in its vicinity w...View Details

Episode: What lies beneath Jerusalem? Join Kyle and Chris as they interview Andrew Lawler about his excellent and exciting new book Under Jerusalem: t...View Details

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